What You’re Not Taught in School: Brittney Fox

How do you quit a lifestyle when it is all that you know?
How do you move past what has stunted your growth?
How do you forgive those who let you down when you needed them the most?

How do you not become the things that you hate?
How do you convince yourself you are not your mistakes?
How do you heal from havoc and not fly off the handle?
How do you trust what’s true when your roots have been so hopelessly tangled?

How do you know when to hold your enemies close?
How do you make up for all the promises you broke, and the times you spoke too soon?
How long is the wait for time to heal all wounds?

How do you know which battles are worth choosing?
How do you determine which sacrifices are worth losing?
How do you know if you’re bending before you break?
How do you face yourself and recognize your own strengths?

How do you give your heart the chance to take the lead?
How do you balance your needs and your greed?
How do you know if people have the right intention?
How do you wrap your head around rejection?
How do you let your guard down when you’ve never been protected?