The Gold Fish: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

You won’t find life in a mirror
Love is a moment to moment thing and an overall need
Relationships have conditions love doesn’t
Inside gold is a surface
Inside life we can die
A fish out of water only has time
The depths of a surface bring us to life
A fish, so full in the eyes pleads with us for life
To give it to ourselves, trying in the scales to feed our hope
Trouts have speckles of gold as do Pike and Bass
Fish could rise from the lake and the ocean and join us for dinner
Life versus money and riches
Appearances dance on a pinhead
Function moves through our brains
Revelry is a flirtation
Billion-dollar fish tanks
Fools stand on stage swallowing fifty
Society throws them against Velcro
Watching fish tanks for ages
Jokes about toilets and bellies exposed to painted ceilings
Intellectual property rights
A fish of gold or gold of fish
Bringing them together like mountains and prairie
Ageless Sturgeon stare back at us like their interest is in the chemical make-up of glass
It is gold that exposes us to life
Little thought is put into caging bacteria
You wait to know something we can share
Our gilded hearts bleed
Liquid gold courses through our very perception
We don’t know the value of anything
Except for the second it exists.