Space Adventure: Jordan Derksen

This is a story, I can only tell you now. It is true and still very unbelievable. I was a scientist, more of a garage tinkerer. When I made an amazing discovery, of anti-gravity. I had made a proto type. Equal to the Wright brothers first plane. I constructed a frame and built a cockpit all in secret. I called it Star Screech, it had an oxygen recirculation system like the space station but it was made from scuba gear and pressurized oxygen tanks.

The first flight wasn’t for very long it was over the old farmer’s fields west of town. With all the equations done correctly, it should fly like a helicopter. Just hovering slowly making left and right turns.

But I wanted more, I wanted to go fast! At full power, the equations say breaking the sound barrier would be easy. But being seen would expose my secret… flying at such high speed, in the earth’s atmosphere was too dangerous, I had to go to space it was my destiny…

I knew I could do it the math was right. Instead of thrusting like a rocket into space with great force the plan was to slowly, float essentially like helium rises into space. I plan for months, running the numbers over and over. Trying to figure out all the variables. Wondering what I have discovered and what else, Star Screech would be able to do.

The phone would ring and ring and I would ignore it, my answering machine was full. But I couldn’t talk to anyone about anything. I guess I was too giddy with joy that I was going to outer space, days passed….

It was a calm night, no moon the time was about 3:30am, when I embarked on history I floated into the air ten feet off the ground I programmed the computer to float into the upper atmosphere, at about 100 miles per hour.

It was a funny feeling watching the ground float out of sight and to see the horizon curve, and the sun peak over the distance. The moon and the stars take on a whole new light. It was just the start. I wanted to go fast, open Star Screech up and see what she could do I went around the earth as a start baby steps I thought, as I couldn’t stop laughing in excitement.

At slow speeds the friction is low, not much of a g-force, but I wanted one fast run, going near the speed of light. It throws you back and you can’t see anything I discovered at the speed of light you can’t see light. It took me some time to float back into the atmosphere and slowly fly back to my hometown.

My next step was to fly around the moon and back I did it one week later in record time and speed fourteen hours twenty-three minutes fifty-three seconds about the speed of sound. With all the new equations the possibilities were endless, was it too ambitious? Or madness? Only history will tell.

I thought about flying around the sun in the same path as the earth rotates. I thought I could do it in short bursts, it would take eight days.

I planned and prepped, tooled and toiled for days on end. I told my friends I was going to Las Vegas for the weekend. I wondered if I should do more to say goodbye? That is, if I don’t make it back alive.

The first day in space, on my journey around the sun, was hard to adjust to. I would do short bursts of speed for an hour or two, then stop and recalculate my position, mapping the stars like a ship at sea. The rations were going quickly at every stop I would eat the precooked meat and vegetables I packed sleeping then shooting off around the sun.