Lots of Love: Gautam Bharath

Obviously it has been long,
Duh, I’ve survived in some way;
But it still hurts – and borders insanity,
thinking of you every night and day.

Much like love, it is better to have,
and not need – this I swear is true,
nothing exists here now,
other than emptiness and my thoughts of you.

No, you’re not special,
just limited edition;
so you still shine on for me,
like the moon, the stars and the sun.

And some just say “it’s written”,
like it was supposed to be so,
cool, “Holy Powers” composed this,
sounds quite sadistic though.

Anyhow, let’s put this story to a rest,
or maybe call it a fable;
the greatest part of our lives we’ll call it,
and as a bedtime story to our children we’ll tell.

So for your invaluable time,
and everything else we’d hear;
this might be our last “Goodbye”,
to everything I’ve held so dear.