Beautiful: Jade Weedmark

So many times I have made bad choices;
Thinking I knew better than what I was taught.
Yet, the things I was told was what not to do,
So was that ever really being taught anything?

The things I’ve seen, and the things I’ve done,
Should have put me in a place worse off than here.
Growing up was just that: growing.
Yet, have I really been growing from any of it?

One thing I know is I’m not who I once was.
The woman I’ve become is beautiful.
So, if that means that everything I endured & participated in was for this growth,
Then it was all worth it.

Throughout the years I’ve gotten to know this Man;
an amazingly beautiful Man.
He is the One that made me beautiful.
This Man is the very essence of life & love; His Name is Jesus.

Sweet beautiful Jesus;
My redeemer, my saviour, my friend.
Everything that I have done has been wiped clean by Him.
And I am grateful.

Now, I may not yet be perfect,
But one day I will be;
Wholly perfected in Jesus for eternity.
So, until then, I will need to wait patiently for my King.

Come Lord Jesus! Amen.