Seven Sacred Teachings: Peter Herget

There are many teachings to be taught and
many more lessons to be learnt. Love,
respect, courage, honesty, humility, wisdom,
and truth. Without these traits being taught
nothing will be found.

Let your love soar high above like the eagle in
the sky. Let your courage be as fierce as the
bear hunting for its prey. Show respect as
mighty as the buffalo. Show honesty as great
as the Sasquach. Be humble like the wolf as he
bows his head. Be as wise as the beaver who builds
its walls high and strong. The last piece that is learnt
is the Turtle, which symbolizes truth, without truth
nothing is sacred.

These are the teachings we must teach. These are
the lessons we must learn. For every day brings
forth a new challenge, a new obstacle, a new journey
for us to grow. And to grow is to develop and
blossom into the person that you see today.