As Far as You Can See: Gautam Bharath

There is always something we don’t want to do,
as there will be something we want to;
it gets real irritating sometimes – inside,
to the final decision we have no clue.
Though “Why?” has always been the toughest question,
even in elementary through secondary education;
it takes too much of thought process,
sometimes we feel like just giving in.
But there is a driving force pushing us,
mostly it is something we aim to achieve;
so we will give it another shot,
now with twice the effort so we can relieve.
Often, it still leaves a blank space,
so we need to go passed breaking point we think,
It is still not easy dragging the horse to respond,
and forcing it to drink.
Recall – you started this,
because you knew you can and wanted to;
so now allow that to be your boost,
just never stop heading where you wanna go.
You will reach great heights,
this, in permanent ink I guarantee;
remember you are always the driving force,
we only go as far as we can see.