Apples and Oranges: Gautam Bharath

Grouping is never really taught as such
we are subjected born with the intuition
we include the entire eco-system
made to follow the same equation
birds of a feather flock together
we are taught of that as a saying
only to realize at some point down the road
that is a truth we are all obeying
but in order to prove one force over the other
the opposite has to be true
at least until proven right or otherwise
thereafter we know what to do
what is it you ask
basically to further subdivide
forming various sized fragments
in which certain breeds confide
then “O gosh” we go
why can’t we just be together
we find ways to make further groups
that too between one another
hey! include me why don’t you
and I will introduce you to my kind
sure, perhaps, why not let’s give it a shot
guess what back to the same grind
though one day it will all come to an end
with birth there is death, period
yeah, I just grouped two polar opposites
law of life, it’s rigid.