Missing You

The snow creates a thin layer on the ground,
that something I’m missing is something I’ve found.

The bits and pieces of the past
have got me thinking nothing good can last.

Still, when I’m with you
it feels like fate, as if we’ve known
each other somewhere, somehow,
someday and I know that if you
weren’t there, nothing could compare.

I’d be so isolated,
waiting for I know not what,
to come along and lift me up,
the air is sweet, the breeze is mild,
being outside awakens my inner child,
with stories of fairies and snow queens,
the world is full of beautiful scenes,
I want to share them with you.

I’m missing you but
I know you will be there,
good times and bad times,
I want to share.

There was a time, before we met,
when I was hooked on love but got
no respect.

There were many flirtations and some relationships
meant to be thrown away.

A few loves I kept close to my heart but
nothing could start a steady fire or
be attuned to my desires.

Even though I will see you soon,
when you’re not there,
I’m missing you.