Everyone: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

You kiss your pillow
Toothpicks are fingered
Some are giants like trees
Some are small like a blade of grass
Buildings rise in a blink of an eye
I am small and full of mistakes
I am a giant like a golden statue
I hope to fall asleep
I hope to awaken to a new day
I watch sports and dramas and comedies
So do you
We caress our heads over a mistake
We laugh because we see past our isolation
We cry because our beauty lasts through our pain
Children getting lectured out of doors
Pick up the grass
Some indignity is unavoidable especially because
Aging is part of mankind
You can feel the grains of sand between your finger tips
You can run as fast as you can for miles
You can barely get out of bed
Emotional , mental and physical pain can stop us all
You smell a rose
Looking around to see if you are laughed at
We read the clouds
We see the beauty of the clouds
We are little chess pieces
Grains of wood, the cool of steel
Carpet and paper and formica and linoleum and clay tiles
Socks and shoes, pants and shirts, sweaters and coats
Jokes and mistakes
We file through life all as babies
Waiting to get into a movie
We are filings of medal and stars in the night sky
We breathe, drink, eat and live and die
Like the smallest of things
Some intellect towers over us but we are all humbled
The greatest of us are able to be small
If we are loved we are all giants