Identity in Motion: Peter Herget

A picture can tell you a story of a thousand words. Along with every picture, takes the mind to a higher train of thought, a deeper sense of imagination, to even a better understanding.

With every detail, with every location, with every look into each other’s eyes tells of stories of endless adventure, thrills and wonder. Beyond what the eyes can see, beyond what the ears can hear, and it can even go beyond what the heart can feel.

For after every touch. After every kiss. After all the ups and downs in this life. No matter where we are or where we may end up, as long as we end up together because, in the end, all I really want is you.

These moments spent together, with time locked in place. We are captured in this moment of peace, stillness and perfection. With you anything is Possible.

As we spend our final moments here together in the stillness of the beauty that surrounds us, is a reminder that the importance of what was, is not as important of what is.

And what is important in this life, is the one with whom you spend it with. May these moments in time, be forever captured in the eyes, in the heart and memory of one’s.