Wild Wherecats By Randy James Hoffman

Wild wherecats jumping playing cat and mouse,
Wild wherecats reaching far into the house.
I would offer them a cats eye stone
if I thought it would help.
So they don’t scratch the furniture and floors
with their claws.
I find that wherecats are easily startled,
if you give them a boo.
They let out a roar-like meow,
and hit the ceiling too.
Hair on end,
they send me rolling with laughter
at the sight of them this way.
Perhaps they are really not so bad.
And just want fair play.
They never seem to be as popular
themselves as vampires or werewolves.
Kind of left on the shelf,
of wherecat Hell.
I feel for them, I really do. LOL
Maybe I’ll buy them some Whiskas!
And we will all be friends.
Now until the very last ends