OK She Said By Raime Goldberg

OK she said
You can go there
Are you cool
Licorice taste
Good make
Lovers meet in the dark
It’s spacious in the garden
Ten years forward:
In an apartment after four years
There is a box in every
Soul light airy
So little so small
Hard worker soul
Helps others
Thank you for my blond blue eyed Alexandre
I am his
We live together
The mouse in the house cooks din
Cat husband comes home to see what kin
The cat’s eyes are interesting, mysterious, calm, quiet, good
Il y a du bonheur dans ses yeux.
I had a beautiful dream
Where I wrote a song in poems
It was unreal and the words came easily
It looked and sounded smooth and really fortunate
I’m so blind and I want to
Throw up because of the smoke and the Tylenol
Help me
O Angels
Help me
O God
Forgive me for my trespasses and dishonesty
My guilty conscience takes over
I forgive myself
Please treat her right
I don’t know how to do that
What do I do?
I relax, I’m nobody’s slave
I don’t need extra protection around my body
I can let go and release my fear
I give myself permission to feel good.
Now I’m little and light, a dot on the Earth
Earth-Angel I have permission to cry
You are safe, I am safe
You are me
I am safe and warm
No worries time stops God has me in mind
He is thinking of me right now
He wants the best for me. I can relax
I can be myself
It feels great to write
I’m actually taking action, getting somewhere accomplishing something
I feel alone
I’m in a comfortable LA-Z-Boy recliner, Amen
I’m not hungry and I’m not tired
I fell asleep, woke up, made pancakes
I’m just trying to find a place where I belong
Writer’s circle