Drunk on Water By James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

Water in the garden of Eden
or maybe later on
like the sun on a summer day
looking into the eyes of true love
ice cream for the first time
an apple fresh off the tree
maybe water that was like light
diving into the abundance of glory
standing in the rain letting it into your mouth
the first generations
or an early humanoid seeing spirit everywhere
like all sorts of highs
climbing to the top of a mountain
yet living off the very stuff
drinking the sweetness off her lips
making love in a lake with no one around
dizzying, the water is all around
blessing is a word for everything
leaves flickering in the summer breeze
snow falling off a branch in the wind
beer and milk seem to trivialize
the plasma of existence surging down your throat
everything defined by innocence
the mind of a genius in everyone
passion flowing like light itself
understanding, the same as passion
love pounding through the lifeblood of existence
sophistication only changing what drunkenness is
never changing the beginning of drinking in life itself.