The Moving By Peter Herget

Minds ponder
Eyes wander
Bodies always moving
Trying to find proving
Of what life is. Life is an
Obsession, one looking
For a deep possession.

What is Art, without life?
What is life, without Art?
Art would not be without
Life and life would not be
without Art. To be here
today would not be without
you and me. To be united
together, to create a beautiful
work of Life. They both give each
other meaning. Bodies always
in movement trying to
find some improvement.

There is beauty all around
Us, we are just too busy
To realize how much of it is
Out there. To the spaces between,
To the spaces above,
And be beyond it all,
Anything you could ever imagine.
Time is ever-moving, never still
But so does love,
It revolves around us
Just as everything else.

Life is never perfect,
But with family and
Close friends by your side,
That is what makes it all
Worth it in the long run.
Make moments of life inspired.
Have some fun, make every day
As adventurous as the last.
May love fill your life with
Joyful times together.
Amp yourself up to your greatest
Potential.  Allow yourself happiness.
Be snazzy, be playful,
Be mellow and soulful.
The only hero in this life is you,
So you have to show life just how
Epic you can be!  Because you can!
Be awesome!