Strength By James Adamson

Strength exists on a color wheel
always the exact opposite is exactly the same
elephants to ants and sentiment to bluntness
water and air to immovable objects
looking out a window all alone and being in a crowd
we learn the value of our good times and in what way
___they exist through the bad times
a knife fight, a gun battle tanks and fighter jets
all that amounts to is weather you can swallow your pride
to see you are not alone for the first time
___by needing a higher power and judgement
a landscape without landmarks can seduce
___ that it is all on your own terms
the strength of ignorance over the wilderness you walk through
eternity has no proof that those of perdition could not be released
yet either you trust the word of god or you don’t
when we rise out of the mire and the primordial goo
we stand up straight in our contrition
when judgement is not in other people
___we lighten our load and ease our burden
yet we can honour others with others trying to teach that message
as a man that is higher than women
___ because of a more distinct empowerment and forgiveness
with women who see their imperative to assist men in that struggle
beauty may fool us that fear is the thing
as tigers lurk through the grass with an amazing reality
ideas abound in supermen
and the fool’s chance to learn
if only we hold and endear in a beautful world
so the tool of the devil has no purchase in its war
___ to make us doubt ourselves
so we can make forgiveness apparent where it occurs
the heavens of planetary resting places
the blue sky and oceans forests, junngles
mountains that can only be moved by contrition.