Elevator Dog By Henry Peters


elevator dog
O! what a jive!
up and down
scratchin’ and a lickin’
howlin’ and a barkin’
all day day long.

I say a hey ho
and a ho hey
he ain’t never yet
seen the light of day
without his fix
of gravitational kicks!
sniffin’, spinnin’
flippin’ and a fallin’
up and down
the elevator box
that’s where you’ll find
this elevator dog
a diggin; for highs
that leave him feeling
O so low.

Ha! Don’t you know
he’s got so hooked
on those ups and downs
there ain’t no way
he’s ever gonna quit
this non-stop play
of goin’ down, down, down
without a comin’
right back up!
O, Mercy, Mercy!
it’s a junkies game!

I say ho, ho
and a boo hoo
for this poor ‘ol doggy
can’t get no peace
from the nasty itch
to play,play,play
and pray real hard
for elevation
it’s a heavenation
slippery sublime
with a furry twitchin’
to fly,fly,fly!
O so high
and higher still
the lower he goes.