Spring By Cassandra Kulay

The sun melts mud and snow,
spring peeks from behind a
curtain of cold, a refreshing wind
blows, awakening my senses.
Soon flowers will bloom, the air
will go from crisp to mild, my
anticipation brings out my inner
child.  I can’t wait to see green
leaves adorning the trees and
to shed my parka, gloves and
hat.  I can hardly wait for that.
The pussy-willows received in
church remind us that it can be
a beautiful world, even though
suffering and lack are rampant,
the earth unfurls before us,
giving birth to annuals and
perennials, baby animals emerge
from the womb, tottering and
shaking, nursing from their
mothers, symbolizing the life
buried beneath snow banks.
The Easter spirit frees us, the
resurrection of Jesus, all life
joins the chorus, we were made
for spring and spring is made
for us.