When the Reaper Comes: By Robert St.Germain


When the reaper comes to take me home,
I may go to heaven or hell.
Either way I will remember the times,
I rised and fell.
All the blood, sweat and tears,
and all the courage and fear.
Life is a puzzle we put together,
’til we die.
We paint a picture,
when we laugh or cry.
Each moment is a chapter,in this tale.
in this tale.
We can hold on,
or put ourselves up for sale.
Each friend we meet,
is a sweet reward.It’s good to have,
It’s good to have,
people worth caring for.
One day we will be gone.
Who knows if something,
will carry on?
All we can do is the best
we can do.
Let’s raise a toast,
for me and you.