Drowning: By Cassandra Kulay

The cold lonely sea
swallows me whole
there is nothing to console me,
a tsunami of fear comes
rolling towards me, my emotions
a swamp, teeming with cold
blooded life. I can dissect the
facts of how I ended up here,
mired in depression and
desolation, no answer will
rescue or redeem me, tangled
in seaweed, a wraith searching
for a soul to possess, wait,
where did mine go?
I think I lost it when I lost you,
the rush of water resounds in
my ears, I return to the depths,
again and again, learning to
breathe liquid, learning that I
am cold blooded too.
A victim of the night, persecuted
by the too bright light of insight.
What mistakes have I made to
deserve this or is it a random
fate that nobody deserves, a
chance happening that
threatens to destroy me?
Is it someone’s art, this
suffering, has god picked up
an easel to paint a soul
drowning? I think of better days,
they seem a mockery.
The sea closes over me, I
surrender to it’s motion and
energy, dark and empty,
seemingly populated by
monsters waiting to tear me to
pieces, a brief recess of time,
before I disappear.