The Whole Heart: Cassandra Kulay

Take my breath and understand,
I’ve come this far to hold your hand.
You have hovered, formless, over
my waiting consciousness,
although I did not know it then,
you are my destiny, when I
nurtured my dream, the farther
you seemed, the closer you were
to me. I was cautious but in time
my feelings warmed and passions
stormed, the green tree bends,
mind and spirit extends.
I wonder if we have been together
forever.  Time is like a dance,
from ignorance comes competence,
then grace, the body interacts
with space and cobwebs cover
memories like lace. Here, in the
moment, your breath inspires me
to breathe, your heart gives music
to mine, your eyes are like
starshine, gleaming through the
dark, our shadows move in
synchronicity.  Reaching back to
a past too painful to relive, we
find the companionship we were
denied and heal wounds that
cannot be seen.  I accept you
with my whole heart.  I want to
love you with my whole heart.
I want to reach for you with my
whole being.  Your love is wings,
the coir that sings, the bells
that ring and reverberate, the
reason I do not hesitate to
search for you, day or night.
I search for you in the dark,
surrounding you is a halo of
light, for your love, I’m prepared
to fight.  Resting within you is
my whole heart, I am investing
my whole soul in you, waiting
for you to show me that you
love me too.