Just Like That: Jackie Kehler

And just like that…..
A phone call….
Invalidating the reality of living with Complex PTSD.
Just like that.
Not factoring in:

Failing trigger management,
Navigating between memory time zones,
Push and pull of disassociating and mindfulness,
Curtains of tears,
Spiralling depression,
Debilitating anxiety,
Trudging weariness,
Chronic sense of doom,
Complete lack of trust,
Tight rope walk between life and death,
Fingertip grasp on frayed ends of hope,
Suffocating on lack of affirming oxygen,
Overwhelmed to incapacity.
Soul atrophy fighting suicidal ideations,
All because two dogs died,
one dog miraculously saved,                                                                                                                      and my so-called inability to
“get along with my boss”
says the benefit adjudicator.                                                                                                                              Fighting paused.
Just like that.