To Be Able To Cry: Stephen Sigurdson

So fake, mistaken, misunderstand, it is me, what a mess, life is
not what it should.
In what must be a weak character, broken with no manuals,
mechanics with no answers, not sure what to say, not sure
what is needed, or where to get that part.
I write with these negative words as an outlet, yet I
desperately want to share poems of love and what is right, I
want to know tomorrow, to escape the darkness, awakening
and embracing the light.
I have been hurt, I keep it all inside, storing it all, well packed,
tied down, my destination is going self-destructively bound.
I do not know what to do, all I want today is a brief escape or
a release, perhaps an answer, saying I am not to blame,
putting my heart at ease.
Today, I may not be repaired, or find the answer why, all I
want, is a release, and to be able to cry.