Squinting From the Light: Stephen Sigurdson

A falling star where does it go, a spiritual
connection, ready to grow.

A flickering light, with crackling noises, sitting
closely around a campfire, the touch of a
hand, a spark of desire.

Studying the physical beauty, with the depths
traveled in common, molding a broken heart,
into a timeless masterpiece.

The soul treading water in an unforgiving sea, a
hand reaching out, gently pulling me to safety,
with a warm blanket and a cup of coffee.

A sunset with orange, red, and so much colour
calmly and quietly falling, a sunrise with a warm
breeze and a subtle embrace.

The frustration of no movement, encompassed
by a concrete wall, on top of a mountain looking
down, not afraid to fall.

A polar bear looking into the warmth of an open
heart, cautiously moving forward, not sure what
is right, drawn by something special, and
squinting from the ominous beautiful light.