Rambling #3: Jan McCartney

When you get to crying and you feel low down
And the sunlight’s fading and the grass is brown
Don’t you know you just have to get down on your knees
And pray to God that soon you might seize
Your grasp on the lifeline that’s dangling there,
That soon you might begin, once more, to care.
You try and you try, but that trying is no good.
Seems like you’ve tried all you could.
Then the dark days appear and your life seems all done
And you wonder what your trying has made you become!
And you seem not to care and you keep far away
From the people you thought were your friends, yesterday.
From then on your days are all lost in deep thought
About what you are; about what you are not.
And then the realization comes, all of a sudden,
That yours is not the heaviest burden.
You come back again, you always do
And through it all, you know you grew.
And because you went through that time of dying
It has made you stronger to keep on trying.