Doing My Part: Stephen Sigurdson

On a deserted road, nowhere to go, feeling alone to my core, my will exhausted,
body sore, without the fuel, my car does not run.
I lack purpose, breathing and staying alive, with no meaning or fire, waiting for
someone or something to ignite my heart, sparks, all around, but with no fuel
inside, pointless to even start.
I look for this precious energy, not knowing what to do or where to go, scared to
hope, and be disappointed, further down the road.
I dream one day of a bike, feeling like a kid, having fun, free from problems, and
the memories of this nightmarish hike.
Suppose there was a bike, and I would pedal as fast as I can, getting tired and
having a rest, continuing down the road, doing my best. I would see the sunrise
and sunset, with a different set of eyes, I would keep going, going as far as I can
This makes me remember my childhood, way back, wanting the innocence and
the fun back, and finding this elusive energy within, getting off this desolate
highway, forgetting where I have been.
The bike in motion, I look down at the pedals, the front wheel, the spokes
supporting the centre, all in balanced harmony. The bike could be my life, with
the spokes being my friends, all supporting one another, to further their growth
in life, knowing this energy fuels the heart, only dreaming and desiring that
inclusion, staying in motion and doing my part.