We’ve Been Down This Road: John Oross

Early in the morningNot sure where you’ve beenDrinking yourself to oblivion.To forget the pain within.It’s a rough road.When your love goes cold.No use in pretendingThis story is old. We’ve been down,Down, down, down…We’ve been down this road. Every night you’re drinking,Hoping to forget your plight.Holding onto good times,Trying to make things right.But in the end;You … Continue reading We’ve Been Down This Road: John Oross

Humanist Furniture: Spencer Elliot Carr

In Intro Psychologythere was a chairI was convincedbelonged to theHumanist Carl Rogersit was a friendly chairplasticorangecomfortingI turned itto face meas I sat inthe front rowlistening to theProfessor recitinghis powerpointsthe culmination ofmy delusionsmy first yearthere that dayI walked toHealth Sciencesstereotypically talkingto no one Iwas welcomedwith open armsto PsycHealthin the days thatfollowed was mybirthday