Diagnoses of Past Lives: Jacob Carr

I unfold pinkcarbon copy andread the scrawl1. MDD resolved(severe major depression my prodromal phase)2. Perceptual alt. r/o psychosis(psychosis later ruled in)3. Cluster B traits(disproven later after leaving behind guilt and self-doubt)4. Migraines(still omnipresent)remnants of PX-2some souvenirmy lifeat seventeenone year laterthe pink sheetsimply readsSchizophrenia

200 Woodlawn St: Jacob Carr

Playing catch witha neurologistis where Ifind myselfafter 45 minutesof inquisitioneach longanswer followed byhead nods theresident feigningunderstanding whenhe could nevera life of neurolepticsone after anotherfor twelve years haveleft me herea reflex mallet poundsmy chesta quiet mutter ofclonus about myright tricepbradykinesic movementsand a full stridewith reduced arm swingsI feel failureunder this examinationquiet reassurancesfollow me outthe door

Harmonization in Diversification: Richard Bartos

The harmony to be had in the field of diversityIs in the aim of universal integralismwhich transcends yet includes prioritythus evolution can occur which activismcoming to more progressions in continuityand we saw just there is presentedthe advent of the concept of holarchywhich is completeness and also inventedthe aspect of being apart of something elseas an … Continue reading Harmonization in Diversification: Richard Bartos