Humanist Furniture: Spencer Elliot Carr

In Intro Psychologythere was a chairI was convincedbelonged to theHumanist Carl Rogersit was a friendly chairplasticorangecomfortingI turned itto face meas I sat inthe front rowlistening to theProfessor recitinghis powerpointsthe culmination ofmy delusionsmy first yearthere that dayI walked toHealth Sciencesstereotypically talkingto no one Iwas welcomedwith open armsto PsycHealthin the days thatfollowed was mybirthday

Friendly Neighbourhood Psychosis: Spencer Elliot Carr

Isn’t it a pleasantand comforting feelingwhen you realizethat what youare currently experiencingis not novel and newnor another vestibular episodecreeping up on youbut only the familiargarden-variety psychosisyou always experiencecoming home to roostyou can quit hyperventilatingand just coast throughas your senses go ona journey of sightthat is just anotherday at the officeas you wonder how muchyou can … Continue reading Friendly Neighbourhood Psychosis: Spencer Elliot Carr

Gambling on L-Dopa: Spencer Elliot Carr

Light as a featherStiff as a boardLight as a featherStiff as a board Swallowing thehalf yellow pilla shot ofdopamine straight tothe brainthe opposite ofwhat I should needeach breakfast aLast Supperlucky lottery ofpotential psychosison the linebut for 3 blissfulhourssteadinesspain in myjoints subsidesthe tremoloends andI am stilland thenthe glass slippercomes offclock strikesmidnight andI wait forthe next dose

Outracing Destiny: Spencer Elliot Carr

No matter how we livewe may never outliveour stereotype she told mecutting boneshatteringleaving me fallenbut not one of the fallenI did not know them wellthough well enough to knowthey were goneone of my kindnot statistic or numberso I attempt to outrun fateuntangle a prophecyoutlive my stereotypebut will I only be another society’s child?

Sartre stood at Snowdon: Spencer Elliot Carr

Pseudo-breeze swept up his strawberry sneer, High-tension line quivering in philharmonic glee, Mind soaking hypertonic sound, Shattering five-dollar shoes, Siphoning silent shoestring thoughts, 22-cents a pound. Long answer see-through sheets of milky fog, Sustained breath shining succulent and nitrogen bathed, Seething softly in somnolent flight, Osmotic diffusion, It slithers away. Susceptible, shaking and quarter-full, Awaiting … Continue reading Sartre stood at Snowdon: Spencer Elliot Carr

Fine day for a First Friday: Spencer Elliot Carr

Altered perception makes Art life and life art Colours oversaturate Abstracts mesmerize with their chaos Each brushstroke texture captivating Clouds hang in the sky As light caroms off glass Leaves shine in brilliant green Painted crosswalk iridescent Though none see the difference in me I see it in them Glimmering eyes and smiles True beauty … Continue reading Fine day for a First Friday: Spencer Elliot Carr