You’re still there
I hold you closer,
Pull you
Wanting, yearning to feel safety.

The trickle comes
Shaking its way down my skin

Do I let you know
Do I brush it so you are unknowing

Of the salt
Of the secret being shared
That was kept
Years ago
Never to show

Such an awesome time
Timeless joy
Touching timeless pain
And the salt reaches
Touches your face, shirt

I let it snake down
Not opening my eyes
Allowing a corner for the scaredness to escape
Not pressing the flow of scaredness off

You’re still here
What if, what if,

While you are still talking
You’re not at all lost in thought

What if you feel the wetness
And you’re still not annoyed

You pull me closer, closer
Just hugging
Just allowing my arms to slip over my eyes
And hide my shame as I shed it

No magnificent words
No blind promises or identifications

You saw the salt